This is a photo of me.

I was born in a colorful country called Venezuela, probably where my passion for color ignited. To me, one of the most interesting elements of art is color, as I believe when you understand color, you never see the world in the same way again.

Later I moved to Canada where I studied Art Fundamentals, Visual and Creative Arts, and Illustration. Toronto, the city where I live, is also the birthplace of my career as an multidisciplinary artist. Here, I developed an obsession with the fusion of art, principles of design, psychology, philosophy, and nature.

I grew up influenced by video games, satirical cartoons of the 1980’s and 1990’s, and animation studios like Disney, Tex Avery, and Hanna Barbera. As an adult I learned and became inspired by art movements such as Pop-Art, Realism, Abstract Expressionism, Cubism, Dada and others.

I try to keep an open mind for the new, never being afraid of trying and experimenting new techniques. I also love spending time studying the work of the masters, as well as the marvelous ever-inspiring work of nature. 

If we have met, I hope to see you again soon. If we have not, it is my pleasure, welcome to my world of wonders.